Triangle SEO is a young and dynamic Web Development company offering Web Design, FREE advice and honest SEO.

Triangle SEO is a young and dynamic Web Development company offering Web Design, free advice and honest SEO; we are constantly researching and evolving to keep up with Google’s algorithms. We only follow white hat procedures, meaning that Google will not penalise your site.

If you simply want to have a chat about the best way forward for your business, or if you would like to come on board with Triangle SEO, then please contact us and one of our friendly advisors would be more than happy to assist.

A word from the Manager

I would like to start by saying that anyone can do Search Engine Optimisation! Firstly you would have to buy the appropriate software, a good one would be Adobe Dreamweaver CC. This would be used to do your on page optimisation. Then research your competitors and find out what keywords They’re using, and also research what your potential customers are typing into Google. All of this can be found online; just Google it!

Once you have done this, you would have to spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour a day writing blogs and link building, it can be very tedious as your blog accounts should be different each time.

Also please bear in mind that absolutely nothing is guaranteed and no one can guarantee a first page ranking within a certain time scale. Triangle SEO aims to get you high up on Google’s ranking within 6 months.

If after reading through my site, as well as the tips section, you find this can be too much work to take on as you want to concentrate on doing what you do best, then Triangle SEO can do all the work for you so you don’t have too. Here at Triangle SEO we send out monthly stat reports at the beginning of the month showing you your blog accounts and where your links have been set up, so you can actually see where you money is being spent.

Paying an SEO company to do it is a much cheaper option that employing an in-house web developer typically costing no less than £20000 per year!