Take a look at our SEO packages below split into on-page and off-page optimisation:

Step one: £399 Initial payment which includes:

On-page Optimisation

The below is for the ‘Home’ page only, if other pages require on-page SEO then a separate quote will be sent out. Prices range from £20-£50 per page, unless extra work is required.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Setting up of Google Analytics & Webmaster tools
  • XML sitemap submitted to Webmaster tools
  • Meta description, keyword and title tags polished up
  • Implementation of H1 & H2 tags to include keywords
  • ALT tags on images
  • Adding 3-5 keyword rich anchor link tags to internal pages
  • Linking to social media, facebook, twitter etc, via graphical icons
  • Making sure text/html ratio is at least 15%
  • Adding a favicon for site branding
  • Correcting any W3C validity problems
  • Implementing a 404 error page
  • Geo sitemap and location file
  • Uploading a robots.txt file
  • Inserting the correct language tag
  • Adding company address & copyright symbol in the footer (helps with local listings)
  • 301 page redirect
  • Checking and correcting for WWW re-write

Once the above work has been completed, you will receive a completion report sent via email (maximum 15 days after initial payment)

This done correctly will count for about 30% of the work involved to try and get you appearing on the first page of Google. The vast majority of the work is done with the Off-page Optimisation. This comes from doing good one way links back to your site (inbound links). Google doesn’t like to see you trying too hard to get on page one, so the limit for links is 10per day as Google likes consistency (don’t cram 100 links in a day so spread them out over the month)

Step two

Off-page Optimisation

This part of the process involves link building, creating inbound links from other web sites such as directories and article submission pages which relate to your business. It’s not about the quantity but the quality of the links with each link increasing the popularity of your site and thus moving you up the search engine rankings.

  • Option 1: £100 per month for 50 links per month
  • Option 2: £200 per month for 100 links per month
  • Option 3: £400 per month for 200 links per month
  • Option 4: £800 per month for 400 links per month
  • Option 5: £1200 per month for 600 links per month
  • Option 6: £1500 per month for 800 links per month

This is the maximum link-building package that Triangle SEO will currently be happy to offer. Google recommend completing no more than 80 links in any one day and in order to be completely safe we aim to work to a maximum of half this figure. This means an average month will yield 40 links per day over 20 working days totalling 800 links.

This process, carried out correctly, should be effective in raising your website’s position on Google within just six months. Depending on how competitive your keyword is in that industry you may be found on the front page of Google. We do the relevant research prior to setting up any plan, including keyword analysis and a full competitor analysis. This helps us to ensure that the effectiveness of your plan is optimised from the outset.

NOTE: Triangle SEO stress that nothing is guaranteed with Search Engine Optimisation but we will try our hardest to get you high up the page rankings.