For those of you who have time and like to save money by optimising your own site, for the search engines, then take a few moments to read our helpful tips and advice below!


  • Do between 1-10 Links per day (10 links maximum per day). Do it as often as you can as Google likes consistency…DO NOT DO IT ALL IN ONE DAY!
  • Do deep links to your local company website, try and have them coming into as many pages as possible. This will tell a search engine that you have lots of worthwhile content and it won’t look like they were generated by automation.
  • Always do relevant link building, don’t just do a link for the sake of doing a link, there is no point.
  • Put Alt Tags on all your photos and pictures as Google only reads text. Screen readers read them too for poor sighted viewers.
  • Incorporate a conversion form on your website, this will not only help you keep in contact with your clients/potential clients but it will have a positive effect on your SEO.
  • We have come across a lot of Titles on the home page just saying home or add text here or sometimes it’s blank? This is a very important place to include some of your best keywords, don’t put too much in the title though, no more than 70 characters is recommended.
  • Google doesn’t just look at your Meta Tags; it will also look at the front of your site, to take advantage of this, make the keywords you want to be found for bold.
  • If you’re targeting people in the UK? Then have your domain hosted by a UK based server only.
  • If you haven’t got a website yet? Then when you come to have one, do some research and find out what the best keyword would be and purchase your domain name with that keyword in it, use hyphens if necessary.


  • Don’t pay for any links through directories, blogs or email advertising as Google doesn’t like to see you trying to get on page one and if caught this WILL have a negative effect on your SEO.
  • Don’t put a selection of keywords at the bottom of any of your web pages, this is called a Black Hat Techniques and will also have a negative effect with SEO. Plus it doesn’t look nice and all your competitors will see your keywords.
  • Don’t have all your inbound links looking the same, try and vary what you put as this is something that Google frowns upon.
  • Do not have any hidden links or hidden text; this is cheating and if Google finds out that you have text the same colour as your background? It might penalise you or even ban your site from Google? In 2006, it happened to BMW.
  • Try not to have too many keywords, all places where you submit links to allow a maximum of 5 links, articles only allow 5 links, directories allow a maximum of 5 deep links, blogs we would suggest 3-5 links as well. When your website is where you want it to be on Google after targeting the 1st 5 keywords, then target a different selection of 5 keywords. You will find this not only easier to do but you will see business coming in much quicker. You can do too much sometimes, and again this may also have a negative effect. Slow and steady wins the race!

Triangle SEO