£40 per hour

The Triangle SEO team have thought long a hard about the best deal for both yourself and also our company. A lot of companies charge a ridiculous amount per month for unlimited changes to the site, whilst some companies charge yearly for this but your limited to how many changes you can do and some companies do both at the same time. We feel that it’s best just to simply charge hourly for our time and experience and this would be charged at £40 per hour.

Website Maintenance Includes:

  • Changing colours
  • Adding or removing pictures
  • Changing layout of the current pages
  • Adding any logos with working links (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter etc.)
  • Changing address/phone numbers
  • Re-writing any text on the current pages
  • Test and fix any functionality issues
  • Replacing Flash elements with JQuery or plain jpgs so it’s visible on iphones/ipads – this will also help with your search engine visibility
  • Adding an extra pages
  • And much more…

Once we give you a rough estimated time and you’re happy with it, we will take half the payment upfront so we can get underway with the work. We’ll take the remaining money once the work has been completed. Triangle SEO will give a minimum time and a maximum time and will never charge more than the maximum.

Please contact us for a rough estimate on time, depending on the level of work it may only take 1 hour or several hours.

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